My Thirty Six Goals

1. Complete a long-term, live-in, volunteer experience

2. Become a more confident climber (in anchor setting, lead climbing, and outdoor climbing)

3. Visit all 50 states

4. Learn to play a musical instrument

5. Get certified as a yoga instructor In progress, check out “The yogi life for me”

6. Hike the Appalachian Trail

7. Live in Big Sur

8. Travel across the United States in one trip

9. Own a business

10. Eat more intentionally (establishing a better relationship with food)

11. Go on a BWCA trip

12. Live in an intentional community

13. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail In progress, check out “With my own two feet”

14. Climb Mount Whitney In progress, check out “With my own two feet”

15. Work in a national park or forest

16Backpack through Europe

17. See the Northern Lights

18. Do a yoga handstand

19. Live out of my car and on the road for a period of time

20. Hike Machu Picchu

21. Milk a cow!

22. Work in environmental education with kids

23. Graduate from college

24. Establish a meditation practice

25. Travel an extended distance on bike

26. Be an extra in a movie or television show

27. Build a tiny house

28. Spend a year traveling

29. Learn another language

30. Woofing!

31. Learn to brew beer

32. Hike the Grand Canyon

33. Visit every national park in America

34. Go on a backpacking trip through somewhere new

35. Go on a zip line ride

36. Run a marathon


14 thoughts on “My Thirty Six Goals

  1. estelea says:

    Good luck with the YTT, that’s the only one I can really relate to from our little Filipino island 😉 you’re going to have so much fun and learn so much … Keep us posted!


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