Number 21: Milk a cow!

Now some of my friends have asked me why I’m so interested in milking a cow, and why I would put such a task on my bucket list. Surely there is something more interesting and unheard of that I could have added to number 21 instead of milking a cow.

I understand the wonder over my choice with number 21, it is kind of a bizarre goal in comparison to my other goals. So I thought I would explain why I’m so interested in milking a cow.

I’ve lived in a residential community all of my life, minus eleven months after my birth living in a questionable neighborhood in downtown San Diego. I’ve never been to a farm, let alone seen a farm animal outside of the San Diego Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo… and I suppose when I drive by farms I’ve seen a few animals at a distance.

I’m huge on wanting to travel and to live outside of my normal situations. I’ve dreamed of traveling the world and living in different types of communities to experience something new, and farms have always been near the top of this list. I think farms are extremely interesting ways to live and they really teach you how to live off the land and produce your own food.

Food is really important to me. I believe strongly in eating locally and organically grown food. I’ve been a vegan for almost two years now, and before that a vegetarian for over ten years. I love to see how particular foods are produced (whether it’s cheese, milk, or vegetables) and I would seriously love to learn how to make specific foods and, in this case drinks, from scratch.

I am not a huge fan of milk. I actually entirely despise the drink which is why the transition to being a vegan was such an easy one for me. However, I think it would be incredibly interesting to learn how to milk a cow to produce ready to drink milk in a humane and respectful way.

It is a bizarre goal, especially for a vegan, but I would love to learn how to milk a cow regardless. I’m sure it’s a task that many people can and have done, but coming from a residential community where the closest cows are miles away at the local Fair grounds makes such an experience uniquely different from what many people near me have encountered.


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