One down, thirty five to go!

Goal 26: Be an extra in a movie or on a television show.

Yesterday was my boyfriend and my anniversary so, in true CBS Survivor fan fashion, we signed up to be in the studio audience for “The Jeff Probst Show”.

Jeff Probst is by far my favorite host and a bit of a guilty pleasure. I’ve watched every season of Survivor since it started in 2000 and have never missed an episode. I love it so much that over the summer I spent five hours watching the Youtube top 100 moments in Survivor. If you can’t gather, I’m a bit obsessed.

So naturally when the Facebook Survivor like page posted a status about being in the studio audience, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

When we first got to Sunset Bronson Studios we thought we had missed a memo on dressing up. Everywhere we looked, large groups of very oddly dressed up people would walk by us. When I say odd, I mean someone wearing a giant nose with a sign that says pick my nose and a women wearing an inflatable clown costume. We started to wait in a line with them and after a while felt so out of place that we decided to keep walking. That’s when we found a sign under us titled “Lets Make a Deal” and discovered we were not in the right place at all!

We arrived at the actual studio and was asked to fill out some paper work and questionnaire. My boyfriend, Evan, and I were clearly a couple which gathered us more attention by the producers and staff. They handed me a note card and asked for me to write down a question I would want to ask Jeff regarding anything that ticked me off about Evan. We were late that morning because Evan took too long to get ready, so naturally I scribbled down that topic and turned in my card.

Once we get inside the studio, the staff left us in a room filled with other studio audience members and a full “bar”. Brownie bites, fruit snacks, milk, juice, water, all accompanied by 90’s music you could only find on Now CD’s.

About a half an hour later they begin to call us into the studio to sit down. They rearrange people here and there to pull out colors that attract the camera more or less, then they begin to entertain us by dancing and asking people in the audience about themselves.

Finally Jeff comes in and the show begins. The whole segment revolved around an interview with Wayne Brady (!!) and later two women who had started their own business.

The whole time it was incredibly hard not to think about the fact that there was a camera right in your face watching your every move. The producer would tell us when to laugh, when to clap, when to smile, etc. Everything was so motorized that it was hard to sit there and “act natural” without coming across slightly bionic.

Despite this, the entire experience was fairly enjoyable. Being in a room that close to Jeff Probst, and Wayne Brady, as the icing on the cake and listening to them banter back and forth while offering dating advice to a group of fifty year old cougars was incredibly humorous.

We weren’t told when the episode would air, but if you watch the show keep your eye out for me! The episode included three different segments including an interview with Wayne Brady, “guys on the couch”, and an interview with two women who started their own business. Evan and I sat to the right in the audience in an aisle in a bright red dress (me) and a blue and black striped shirt (Evan). I hope we didn’t make any goofy faces or embarrass ourselves… 🙂


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