Seven weeks to go!

My new running shoes! I'm going to run the marathon in these bad boys!

My new running shoes! I’m going to run the marathon in these bad boys!

Last weekend I went home and was able to do a long distance run there. I found it to be really hard to run at home, 1. because I didn’t have anyone to run with and 2. because it was SO hot. In Isla Vista, I’m so close to the water that the weather is always nice and cool. Being only a few miles more inland, it was a good 80 degrees around ten in the morning each time I ran. Needless to say, during my ten mile run I choose to wake up really early and beat the heat, and only ended up facing issues in entertaining myself while I ran for nearly two hours by myself.

I started my run around 6:30 a.m and ended up in a local residential trail near my high school that we use to run in Cross Country. It’s not a very long trail, but it’s more hilly which will help me prepare better for San Francisco. I tested out a new race day outfit (new Lululemon spandex!) and energy gels. The energy gels, of course, were not my favor taste, however it helped immensely in providing me with the necessary energy to keep pushing through my run. Although my lack of energy was mostly attributed to how bored I was, these gel packs really helped me stay energized for the last few miles of the run. Unfortunately, the gel packs gave me really terrible side cramps so I’m back to square one of finding a new one that works for me (Sunday I’m trying Nuuns!)

When I got home, my running partner and I were finally able to reconnect and run with one another after weeks of us both being out of town at opposite times. We ran 15 miles together the other day and did really well. We didn’t stop once, our only real goal for the marathon, and were able to work together to make sure we weren’t getting discouraged. My partner, Kelcy, hasn’t ran long distances in over three weeks because of where she was vacationing, and hit a hard spot around mile 11. The nice part of running with someone else though is that even at those hardest points, we were able to motivate each other to make sure we kept moving and didn’t stop. We choose to play a game at one point to keep us interested for two or three miles. It’s incredible how much running with someone else can change your entire experience. Without Kelcy, there’s no way I could finish this race by myself.

I got a second pair of running shoes also to train in, and I love them so much I’m going to run the actual marathon in them! There the new Nike Free 5.0 and they are seriously the most amazing running shoes I have ever had. I’m only using them for my short runs so that they don’t wear out as quickly, but I have had to use a great deal of self-restraint to make sure I don’t wear them for all of my runs.

The course map just came out today and it made me even more excited for the marathon. Can’t wait to finish training and make it up to San Francisco for the race!


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