Finally some progress on Goal #1!

Lately post-college plans seems to be on everyone’s mind. Evan, my boyfriend, is in the process of applying to graduate school to be a lawyer and a few other friends of mine are already getting into medical school for next year. It’s crazy finally being at a point in time where I have to think of something more concrete to do with my life then to sign up for classes and decide what to study.

Ever since I was a sophomore, it’s been my dream to join Peace Corps after I graduate from college. I always joke that it’s a decision I’m making to delay the inevitable that I must eventually choose a career path in life, but honestly I believe Peace Corps will be an incredibly fulfilling experience. I’m a huge self-starter, I’m very motivated, and I’ve been put in many leadership positions that have allowed me to realize that Peace Corps will be a very fitting experience for me. Yesterday I officially submitted my application to serve, and hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be reached by local representatives for interviews and the works. If chosen, I won’t be serving for another year (my friend says the application process is a long, bureaucratic process), but just getting my application in felt incredible. It’s exciting to think about the changes that will be happening in my life within the next few years after I graduate from college.

I’ll keep everyone updated as I find out more information about my application, but in the meantime keep your fingers crossed for me!


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