Goal number 8 and 12- soon to be accomplished!

After a lot of thinking, Evan and I have decided to do a cross-country road trip after we graduate this spring (goal 8!). The trip was inspired in part by my parents, who went on a similar trip when they were younger. After hearing about their trip while growing up and about all of the amazing things they were able to see, I couldn’t help but have my heart set on completing a similar trip. Being the nearly poor college students we are, a Europe trip was out of the question, so we very happily “settled” on a cross-country road trip.

We’re keeping a few things in mind during this road trip to help make it an incredible experience for the both of us. Mostly, we want to maintain flexibility and an open mind. Evan and I are very different people with very different interests, which is one reason why I think we work so well together. However, while I would happily go camping and hiking in every state we visit, I know Evan would prefer to go to breweries, book stores, and stay in nice hotels. We’re committed to keeping a VERY flexible plan and open mind on what each other wants. Luckily I have faith that this will work out… however I’m still determined to show Evan this trip how much fun camping really is after our last excursion which left our tent flooded and clothes soaked and Evan swearing he would never go camping with me ever again…

We have a general path that we plan to follow, including heading up north through California to Oregon and Washington, then straight across to the East Coast with a few stops in between (including a large family reunion in Iowa!), then down towards the south and across back towards home. Total we have 22 states we plan on visiting and a long laundry list of places we hope to see. The best part of it all? We get to spend nearly two months just the two of us experiencing it all together before we head our separate ways in the fall. We honestly could not be more excited.

We’re not leaving until mid-June, but we’ll be bringing a laptop with us to blog about our adventures and to cross more things off my bucket list as we experience them. We’ll happily take any advice, suggestions, comments, etc. anyone might have for us for things to see and places to go while we’re out and about! Looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all!


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