Love Letter to Hickory Six and Class 21 FEMA Corps

What a long strange trip its been, and it’s only been about seven and a half weeks.

Tomorrow myself, and the other misfit rebels that comprise “Bamboo Two”, will head out to start our new adventure in Sacramento as AmeriCorps NCCC Class 21 Corps Members.

After I eventually came to terms with my dismissal from FEMA Corps, the only truly difficult part about the change became leaving my new home and the incredible individuals that made my past few weeks the experience it was. It’s going to be really difficult accepting a new class into my life after the high standards this class set for me.

Before coming to the Vinton campus, I remember thinking there was no way I could ever consider Iowa home. I’ve lived ten minutes from the ocean my entire life and can’t imagine a home that doesn’t have a burrito shop at least on every corner. It took less then a week for me to feel truly at home here and that is all thanks to the people. Despite all of our differences, these people have made me feel more comfortable with who I am and confident in my abilities then any group of people I have ever met. They have taught me so much about the world and myself and have given me so many invaluable lessons to take with me on my new adventure. This class, the North Central Region Class 21 FEMA Corps class, is truly a unique and wonderful group of people and although my time with them was short, I’m so grateful for these past stressful weeks we’ve shared.

To my team, Hickory Six, I don’t know how you all tricked me into loving you. My first fear coming here was that I would find it really difficult to constantly be with the same ten people day in and day out. Instead I found that I needed to be with you all as much as possible. You seven brought me sanity when I was at my most frustrated, comfort when I was at my lowest, and friendship throughout my entire experience. I’ve never felt so close with a group of people after such a short amount of time but I really see it as a bit of fate that we were all stuck together onto this incredible team. I’m going to miss you all so much more then I can really express, but I know it won’t be long before we’re all together again. You seven really made my experience here what it was, and I’m not going to let this unfortunate occurrence change our dynamic.

To the Hick Six girls, I know I’ve said it before, but I always wanted a sister. I’m leaving tomorrow feeling like I have four. You girls are some of the most powerful and inspiring women I have ever met and I’m so fortunate for our friendship. I can’t wait to see where you all go this year and next and I know you will all continue to be a very important part of my life from here on out.

Last ISP together

I’m leaving at 7 a.m tomorrow morning and will be back in the Golden State by lunchtime. NCCC already sounds like a very different experience from what my past few weeks have been but I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge and seeing what the next ten months bring.


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