Trail names

This past weekend, the last of us finally earned our trail names. The purpose of a trail name is to help others remember who they met. Rather than meeting four Franks or Johns, you’ll learn a trail name with some descriptive quality about the person. Granted, were really the only others on the trail, but for us these names have been ways to prove we earned our right to call ourselves backpackers.

Below are haiku’s for each of our names.

Scout Man: Cooper
He can read a map
And make fire without matches
His name is Scout Man

Reptile: Keir
A heart of darkness
Eternally seeking sun
His name is Reptile

Goes Left: Taylor
A fork in the road
Don’t expect to see him soon
His name is Goes Left

Spritely: Alexa
She glows in the light
Follow her to happiness
Her name is Spritely


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