Volunteering at the Damiano Center: Thank you Cheryl Skafte!

On Sunday, Cooper and I volunteered at the Damiano Center in Duluth in honor of my boss, Cheryl Skafte, who requested we get to know the organization. Working in the field of volunteering, Cheryl of course wanted to help out too.

The three of us worked in the soup kitchen of Damiano. They operate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day providing free meals and loaves of bread to anyone who needs them. The center is open for everyone and typically serves 100-150 people during a meal.

We had a great time working at the soup kitchen. We spent the morning preparing the food and then helped serve for an hour and a half. Despite the simple tasks, it felt surprisingly rewarding serving everyone who came through. On many occasions people were really appreciative of our efforts, and we were able to free up a lot of time for the two staff members who run the kitchen so that they could focus on others tasks. It was a great experience, and I would strongly consider going back to help in the future.

Thanks again to Cheryl Skafte for her donation! Cheryl has always been supportive of my goals despite her own agenda. I began interning for her last fall, and when I left in May to go backpacking she was nothing but encouraging despite having just brought me on full time. Now, as we’ve committed to hiking the PCT, Cheryl has again been so supportive, telling everyone we meet about our goals and encouraging me. We appreciate all of the support and love, Cheryl, and we’re so glad we got to volunteer at Damiano with you on Sunday!

We’re still accepting donations and working towards volunteering at a number of local organizations to thank our donors. Check out our campaign, link on the right hand side bar.



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