Fall is here, ring the bell

The skyline of Duluth has transformed into spectacular hues of red and orange and leaves have began to delicately blanket the roadways. Within a short weeks time the air was crisp and pumpkins elaborately decorated doorsteps throughout every neighborhood of Duluth. Fall is here, bringing Cooper and I to one full year in this incredible place.

Being my first full year of seasons, I’m still amazed by the ability of such subtle changes to completely capture my attention. People have laughed at me for exclaiming excitement over weather, finding my wonder endearing. I’ve become quieter about my intrigue in nature’s growth recently as I’ve used each moment of awareness to practice deeper appreciation for simple beauty.  It wasn’t till last Friday while we explored Jay Cooke State Park that Cooper even noticed the transformation taking place around us.

“You usually say something about the seasons changing, I didn’t even notice we were in fall,” he said.


Jay Cooke State Park

I feel grateful to live in a place like Duluth where passion for the simplicity of nature’s progression isn’t always lost. People seem to embrace these things as the beginning of something new; Time for watching birds migrate, to pull out the snow shoes and skis and prepare for the upcoming season, or to get out and explore favorite parks that have taken on a new form over the past few months.

My something new has been a step towards a goal I’ve had since my first year in college. I’m finally chipping away at a yoga teacher training certification.

There’s been a number of positive changes in my life over the last year and I’m constantly watching each one come with the same level of excitement I experience as the seasons change. However, just as I’ve developed in my intrigue of nature, I’m taking this new chapter in quietly, observing each little lesson with great reflection and deep appreciation for how it will transform my life.

Just within one weekend, I’ve learned so much about yoga as a practice and a philosophy. I’ve loved the opportunity to learn how to practice these things both on and off my mat, and I’m so looking forward to the continual growth I’ll experience over the next few months of intensive practice.

To stay up to date on my experience working towards a certification, subscribe to my blog and check back here (under The Yogi Life For Me) for updated blog posts and thoughts.


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