Volunteering with Adventure Club: Thank you to the Hagmans!

This past Wednesday we volunteered again at Adventure Club. With the windchill, it was -1 outside, but the kids didn’t seem to mind as they geared up and sprinted for the woods and sledding hills. I’m always so amazed at how kids can be so enthralled in their games that they don’t notice the temperature. At one point, they all found a spot in the forest where the ice had broken through to a pool of water. They continued to toss things into the water, jumping on the bits of ice and getting soaked in the process. The coordinators have firm rules about allowing kids to play without intervention, unless a situation becomes unsafe. When it came to the cold, we just watched, waiting for them to complain about it or checking in with them occasionally to make sure they were okay. They seemed completely unfazed by the weather though, just excited to jump and run and be playful in the woods.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been able to learn more about the organization and after school program, and have developed a lot of respect for their mission and vision. The club only receives $30 a month in funding for activities, so the coordinators have been incredibly crafty in finding indoor activities for the kids. We’ve seen them tell stories with some rocks, build seats to use outside in the snow, and create paper plate snow foxes. Outside of funding, this is the first year of the after school program and the coordinators are finding that the word is spreading fast. Just this last week, the coordinator told us that a few parents have told her that they’re going to Lowell Elementary School specifically so that they can enroll their kid in Adventure Club. It’s a really wonderful thing to see, that parents in this area see the benefit of nature play time and want their kids to experience this.

This week we volunteered with Adventure Club in honor of the Hagmans! Thank you so much to your family for your generous donation. We were able to put your donation towards 25lbs of almonds that will help fuel us throughout the entire trail! We appreciate your support and encouragement of our goal.




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