Volunteering with CHUM: Thank you Charlotte Ellevold!

This past Friday, we volunteered for the last time at the CHUM food shelf in Duluth.

Each time we’ve volunteered here, it’s been a completely different but incredibly positive experience. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people who work at the food shelf throughout the week and trying to blend right in as we adapt to the atmosphere at the center. Most of the men who work at the food shelf have really sarcastic, poking senses of humor which is something Cooper adapts to really well. He started jumping right in this week, making jokes with the guys as we unloaded the truck.

The last two times we’ve gone to CHUM, there had been a group of volunteers from the local hospital. The supervisors began pointing to us as people to direct questions to, calling us “superstars” when it came to understanding their process. It felt good to have been able to develop to a point where we could seamlessly jump in and help. It helped us feel like we were able to have a stronger impact each time because the workers didn’t need to train us on their process or stop to answer questions so frequently. Our “superstar” status even earned me a nickname from one of the workers. A lot of the other hospital volunteers had lifting restrictions from back injuries, but wanting to take on as much weight as I could (for PCT training) I would take whatever was handed to me. One guy started to notice and began calling me “muscles” the rest of the day.

We volunteered at CHUM this time in honor of Charlotte Ellevold. When we asked her for a cause she felt passionate about, she said “breast cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, hunger sites, and any requests for people pursuing projects that are dear to their hearts and dreams.” That last part has stood out to me a lot these past few months, because we’ve both strongly felt a support from others for that very thing, pursuing a project that is dear to our hearts and dreams. Thank you Charlotte for your support of ours and for giving us the opportunity to work with CHUM. While hiking a long distance hike, they recommend switching shoes every 500 miles. With your donation, we will be able to buy a new pair of hiking shoes once our first pair wears out. We’ll be thinking of you once we get those nice new souls underneath our blister covered feet! Thank you so much for your generosity and support, we appreciate it!



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