Volunteering at the Habitat ReStore: Thank you Colleen, Taryn, and Joan and Mike!

Since leaving Duluth, Cooper and I have been on this whirlwind of movement. It’s been interesting adapting to the “life on the move” lifestyle that’s soon to characterize the remainder of our 2017, and a great test of our ability to function together as travel/hiking/adventure partners.

While in Winona, we had the opportunity to volunteer at the Habitat ReStore for three days in honor of our friends Colleen and Taryn, and Cooper’s grandparents Joan and Mike. Late last year we volunteered at a Habitat build in Virginia, MN and absolutely loved our experience, so we were excited to see the other side of the operation by working at the ReStore.

At the ReStore, management had just recently shifted and the new manager and assistant manager were working on restructuring the store to make things more noticeable and sellable. They had a long list of projects for us to help with, including sorting through things that weren’t selling and completely redesigning areas of the store. It was definitely hard work moving a number of heavy things around the store until we found the right spot, but it was rewarding to see a tangible difference from the work we’ve been doing. The staff at the ReStore is small, four people total including two part time interns, so having a few extra hands helped move the projects along much faster than expected.


One of the major moves we helped with was taking down three metal units that held up tables, doors, and vanities, and then moving all plumbing to the wall in it’s place.

Thanks to Colleen, Taryn, and Joan and Mike’s generous donations, we were able to each buy our bear vaults for the trail. We have to carry them with us through a section of the PCT to keep our food away from the bears. We’ll be thinking of you four as we hide our snacks from the cute but not so cuddly creatures of the Pacific Crest Trail.


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