Constant Generosity



Water source near the end of the trail

When a friend of mine heard we would be hiking the Ozark trail, she texted me something about falling in love.

There’s an element of truth to what she said about me falling in love with the trail. The Ozark trail is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever hiked. You feel like you are in a completely different world sometimes, surrounded by a rain forest that couldn’t possibly be in the middle of Missouri. With barely anyone else on the trail, it feels like an untouched wonder of the world. It’s truly an incredible place and I’m still processing how fortunate we are to have hiked so much of it. Continue reading


Trail names

This past weekend, the last of us finally earned our trail names. The purpose of a trail name is to help others remember who they met. Rather than meeting four Franks or Johns, you’ll learn a trail name with some descriptive quality about the person. Granted, were really the only others on the trail, but for us these names have been ways to prove we earned our right to call ourselves backpackers. Continue reading

Gearing Up

I don’t consider myself to have ever actually backpacked.

There was the time in the Grand Canyon that my AmeriCorps friends and I camped in the backcountry.

But we made more room for beer than gear, and didn’t make it more than a mile due to time constraints.

The opportunity never presented itself to go on a backpacking trip yet I’ve always felt a pull to try it (More to come on why in the upcoming weeks).

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