9,981 miles later, Goal 8 √

Ever since I started traveling, I’ve held onto a figurative list of places I could see myself living. Most of them are practical; Oregon, New York, a small deserted island off the coast of Hawaii. Granted, for the most part, I’ve never actually been to a great deal of these locations. For some reason though, my internal compass has led me to believe I would undoubtedly love each and every location. Continue reading


Hand Grenades and Coffee Shops

Due to time constraints, Evan and I have spent a decent amount of time driving through states without stopping so that we can maximize our time elsewhere. This often leads to way too long of drives, an interesting array of sights, and a very delusional driver (particularly me). We’ve tried to entertain each other by reading short stories to one another, but once we’re sick of that it’s only up to my terribly uncreative imagination. Continue reading

Over the Cities and through the Cornfields

My freshman year of college, my family and I went on a cruise where I learned that my brother kept a travel journal. I’ve always loved traveling so I figured I would try it out as well. Since then, I’ve always been incredibly diligent to fill it out remarking on events as insignificant as what snacks I grabbed at a gas station. When I’m 80 and forgetful, I’m convinced I’ll appreciate the attention to detail. For now, though, my journal could put a hyperactive child to sleep. Continue reading

In our backyard

IMG_0793 IMG_0811 IMG_0814 IMG_0817When we began planning this trip, we ran into a lot of trouble in deciding where to go and what to do. I’m usually much more into adventurous trips, or as Evan would say “uncomfortable and stressful vacations.” Driving across the US and camping along the way sounded great to me, but to Evan not so much. I’m honestly a little surprised I even convinced him to do this in the first place, but it was not without a fair amount of compromise. Continue reading

The path we follow

As school is getting closer to ending, I’m finding it incredibly hard to focus on anything other than our trip. In true “last quarter of senior year” fashion, we’ve built our general road trip path (instead of studying, of course) and are now in the researching phase to find things we generally want to see in each area.


Goal number 8 and 12- soon to be accomplished!

After a lot of thinking, Evan and I have decided to do a cross-country road trip after we graduate this spring (goal 8!). The trip was inspired in part by my parents, who went on a similar trip when they were younger. After hearing about their trip while growing up and about all of the amazing things they were able to see, I couldn’t help but have my heart set on completing a similar trip. Being the nearly poor college students we are, a Europe trip was out of the question, so we very happily “settled” on a cross-country road trip. Continue reading