Goal 23 √

10473185_10152933876659517_9071149908705594144_nOn Sunday, I finished Goal 23 to graduate college! That’s right, I’m officially a UCSB Alumni from the class of 2014. Go Gauchos!


Goal 36 completed!

On Sunday, October 20th I ran my first marathon!

The experience was surprisingly incredible. I don’t imagine very many people would understand how a marathon could be anything but terrible and torturous, but I really quite enjoyed myself. Continue reading

Seven weeks to go!

My new running shoes! I'm going to run the marathon in these bad boys!

My new running shoes! I’m going to run the marathon in these bad boys!

Last weekend I went home and was able to do a long distance run there. I found it to be really hard to run at home, 1. because I didn’t have anyone to run with and 2. because it was SO hot. In Isla Vista, I’m so close to the water that the weather is always nice and cool. Being only a few miles more inland, it was a good 80 degrees around ten in the morning each time I ran. Needless to say, during my ten mile run I choose to wake up really early and beat the heat, and only ended up facing issues in entertaining myself while I ran for nearly two hours by myself. Continue reading

Half-way mark to the Marathon

ImageToday I ran 13.1 miles! One of the things I’ve come to really enjoy about training is being able to find new things around Santa Barbara that I didn’t know about before. So far, I’ve been using an application called runningmap.com where you type in your location and can mark where you’ll be running. It helps me have a general idea of how long I’ll be running so my runs aren’t too short or too long. Continue reading

Three weeks in

Here’s the view from half way through my run. Not a bad place to train!

Three weeks in and training is going very well! I hit a bit of a rough patch with my ankle, which has decided to hurt continuously throughout the day, but luckily I’ve been cautious on it and I think it will be okay. Otherwise training is going very well and I’m looking forward to my 9 mile run Saturday!

Making headway on Goal 36

Last night in what can only be described as a rash decision, I signed up for the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon.

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, and I seem like the type of person who says that regularly but would never actually go through with it. It took me a long time to actually make any progress on the goal, however when I heard a friend of mine was running it in October, I decided this year was the year.  Continue reading

Making progress on goal #12

This past week I spent my birthday and anniversary with Evan in Paris, France. Paris is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I had never traveled to Europe before, and we choose to go to Paris because a friend of ours is studying abroad there right now. He’s a French citizen and has lived there almost every summer of his life, so his knowledge of the city was immensely helpful.

Continue reading

One down, thirty five to go!

Goal 26: Be an extra in a movie or on a television show.

Yesterday was my boyfriend and my anniversary so, in true CBS Survivor fan fashion, we signed up to be in the studio audience for “The Jeff Probst Show”.

Jeff Probst is by far my favorite host and a bit of a guilty pleasure. I’ve watched every season of Survivor since it started in 2000 and have never missed an episode. I love it so much that over the summer I spent five hours watching the Youtube top 100 moments in Survivor. If you can’t gather, I’m a bit obsessed.

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